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Twice a week, writer Robert Kenneth Jones offers readers a quick meditation on staying positive, being present in the world, and experiencing God’s grace.

Working in partnership with Robert Kenneth Jones, ChaplainUSA is proud to announce that we will begin sharing bi-weekly installments of his writings every Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon.

Bob's work reveals those gifts from God, sometimes hidden in plain sight, which nevertheless offer a true source of healing and inspiration.

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Light In The Darkness

by Robert Kenneth Jones

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tragic circumstances, death and darkness come to pass, but never come to stay. It seems like they do, but it is only an illusion.

We are overcome with loss and grief. It seems nothing will ever be the same. These events leave us in darkness. Time seems to stand still. People reach out to us but we are numb to their touch. All we feel is the steely grip of loss. Then comes loneliness, sadness, guilt and dozens of other emotions. It all seems eternally binding. Darkness seems to be followed by even more darkness. We cry out for it all to end.


The most remarkable thing will happen though. In the midst of all the pain comes a flicker of light.

We avoid it at first, almost fleeing from its promises. But the glow will not be extinguished. We will find ourselves in its presence. It will overcome. It will heal. We will be able to travel on because of it.

Dr. King goes on to tell us that; "The very light we find in the darkness is our own light. It is the light that has been planted in our souls from all eternity. It is God’s love and will outlast every darkness."

We will heal from every wound, and transcend the darkness because of that light. Nothing can stop it and nothing is more powerful.

Today I will begin to believe that the light can carry me home.


About the author

Robert Kenneth Jones has dedicated his life to making people whole again. His work in helping others overcome addiction and childhood abuse spans over four decades.

A few year ago, Bob took a step back and began putting his thoughts to paper. His collection of writings eventually became his blog, "An Elephant for Breakfast".

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