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Twice a week, writer Robert Kenneth Jones offers readers a quick meditation on staying positive, being present in the world, and experiencing God’s grace.

Working in partnership with Robert Kenneth Jones, ChaplainUSA is proud to announce that we will begin sharing bi-weekly installments of his writings every Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon.

Bob's work reveals those gifts from God, sometimes hidden in plain sight, which nevertheless offer a true source of healing and inspiration.

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Imagine The Harvest

by Robert Kenneth Jones

Lord, let me see, hear, smell and touch your harvest even in the hardest of times.

Harvest time was always season of hard work. There were years when the yields were much better than expected and years of disappointment. But the crops were in and there would be celebrations.

Hendrix Farms, Piatt County, Illinois, 2017

Hendrix Farms, Piatt County, Illinois, 2017

My father was the local John Deere Dealer in Danville, Illinois. Jones Implement would be a busy place for several weeks in September and October. The parts department was humming as farmers rushed in to buy replacements for worn out and broken equipment.

The service department worked overtime with repairs that had to be done quickly. Dad loved this time of year.

His customers were his friends, He knew each one and all about their families. It would be months until he would see many of them in the spring when things got busy again. There would be new additions to their families and, of course, some tragic losses.

We had a deep appreciation of the endings and beginnings that were represented in the annual harvest.

Dad believed that every day should be embraced. That each must be lived with the wonder of the first and savored as the last day of one's life. This kind of spiritual harvest yields a bounty of the richest crops ever imagined.

Rachel Carson, the author of "Silent Spring" wrote that 'One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?'

She and my father were on the same page. Can you imagine the harvest of the heart if we were to fully participate in the world right in front us? What if we really accepted our union with all things?

The joy of beauty, warmth of compassion, goodness of family and friends and freedom of forgiveness could be experienced in a newly unencumbered way. Just imagine the harvest that God has spread on our tables.

Now is the time to celebrate. Even in the hardest of times.


Robert Kenneth Jones has dedicated his life to making people whole again. His work in helping others overcome addiction and childhood abuse spans over four decades.

A few year ago, Bob took a step back and began putting his thoughts to paper. His collection of writings eventually become his blog, "An Elephant for Breakfast".

We encourage you to read and share this rich source of healing, inspiration and meditation.

Working in partnership with Bob, ChaplainUSA is proud to share bi-weekly installments of his writings every Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon.

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