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Twice a week, writer Robert Kenneth Jones offers readers a quick meditation on staying positive, being present in the world, and experiencing God’s grace.

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Bob's work reveals those gifts from God, sometimes hidden in plain sight, which nevertheless offer a true source of healing and inspiration.

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Counting My Blessings

by Robert Kenneth Jones

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” ~ Willie Nelson

Sometimes, when things are tough, it is hard to count our many blessings.

Gratitude seems foreign when surrounded by loss, fear, loneliness and sadness. We are filled a longing for that little corner of the world where everything seemed certain. We yearn for familiar faces and comforting arms. We ache for the gentle voice assuring us that everything will be okay.

It is precisely at these times when thankfulness can comfort and heal like nothing else.


Giving thanks by counting blessings brings us closer to an understanding of our relationship with God. When we make the shift from a focus on what is lacking to gratitude, we are gradually transformed. Emptiness becomes joy and worries diminish. We begin to fully appreciate the beauty of life once again.

There was a man from Illinois being interviewed on the radio who was talking about being a youngster in 1964. He had been feeling full of himself and celebrated recklessly. The irresponsibility ultimately caused him to drive his father’s car off the road into a snow bank in the middle of the night.

It was a freezing cold winter and he was alone, out on a country road, without means of communication. Just when things seemed most desperate a fellow drove up in a truck, offered help, put a chain around his bumper and pulled him to safety.

The boy asked how he could repay the Good Samaritan. The man said; “Count your blessings and pass it on”.

For the past fifty years he has been doing just that. He lives in San Diego now and, in his spare time, cruises the interstates and highways looking for people who are broken down, stranded or in trouble. He has several wenches, batteries, tools and even a pregnancy kit on board. He has been called an angel.

This man lives a life of dynamic gratitude and has changed the lives of many people. Can you imagine the ripple effect?

Today I will be grateful for and count my many blessings.


about the author

Bob Jones

In a career spanning over four decades, Robert Kenneth Jones’ has been an innovator in the treatment of addiction and childhood abuse. His blog, An Elephant for Breakfast, testifies to the power of the human spirit to overcome the worst of life’s difficulties. We encourage you to visit and share this rich source of healing, inspiration and meditation.