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Allowing Grief

by Robert Kenneth Jones

The nation is grieving another terrible, senseless tragedy. Our hearts go out to those who have lost dear ones.

But time will pass. And one of the most difficult things that we are asked to do is to experience, endure and overcome grief in a brief or acceptable amount of time. Our culture cannot seem to tolerate or honor sustained grief. We demand that it move along and get done. Our patience with those who suffer wears thin. We want them to get over it.


This inability to allow grief to unfold and process naturally is a devastating reaction which plays a contributing role in the depression and chemical dependence that surrounds us. It lies at the bottom of unresolved emotions and unfulfilled expectations that have been repressed in a desire to make-believe that everything is okay.

We do not always have to be comforted by well-meaning words. Sometimes we must be allowed to weep and wail.

The harsh reality of pain, loss and suffering must be experienced. Lincoln understood this as he delivered his address at Gettysburg. Whitman grasped it as he wrote “O Captain! My Captain!”

A writer named Adolofo Quezada lost a young adult son and lamented his “dreams forever unfulfilled”.

After a near breakdown, he came to believe that if he allowed himself to let go and experience all that comes of grief, then and only then, would he find the comfort of new life.

I will grieve that which needs to be grieved and allow others to do so in their own ways and in their own time.


Resources for coping with grief.

Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) of Southern Nevada, Inc. is actively involved in supporting those affected by the horrific tragedy in Las Vegas.

For resources and information please click here .

They currently are unable to accept new volunteers, however visit our volunteer page to learn more about upcoming academies.

More information about TIP and what they do can be found here: .


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In a career spanning over four decades, Robert Kenneth Jones’ is an innovator in the treatment of addiction and childhood abuse. He worked with Dr. Corinne F. Gerwe as she developed her groundbreaking relapse prevention model.

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