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Unsung Heroes of Law Enforcement Take Center Stage on Social Media


Press Release Nov 2017


ChaplainUSA seeks to elevate the public's awareness and appreciation for police chaplaincy. In light of recent events around the country the need for strong chaplaincy programs has never been more urgent.

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Press Release

Brownwood, TX: After serving for decades in the trenches, police chaplains are beginning to assume a more public profile via social media.

While their work remains far from the public view, a group of police chaplains are determined to make police chaplains a more familiar part of our social media network. The program is called the Police Chaplain Project, a nationwide effort to digitally capture the words and wisdom of America's police chaplains and share the content we collect online.

“We believe it’s time to share the story of police chaplaincy,” says Chaplain Dave Fair, the program’s co-founder. “We are so fortunate to have lived long enough to be a part of the digital age, we just want to make certain we content that elevates and enlightens.”

“The program seeks out the wisdom and know-how of America's police chaplains and transforms it into digital content,” says Chaplain Dave Fair, the program’s co-founder. “The kind of digital content that inspires people to take action and share with their friends.”

To date, the Police Chaplain Project has conducted more that 100 on-camera interviews with some of the most accomplished police chaplains of the past 50 years. From those recording sessions we have created and shared over 200 video segments via social media.

“We keep it simple and straightforward,” explains Chaplain Fair. “We invite police chaplains come in, sit down, look directly into the camera and share their story.”

“With each new video, we share insights and information with the power to impact the real world; building a circle of support and gratitude around police officers and their families that is badly needed in our nation today.,” says Chaplain Fair.

With over 62 percent of American adults now accessing news through social media, our content is reaching a wide general audience on social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


1. Without public support, police chaplaincy programs are among the first to be cut or down-sized.  We urge citizens should support and fund a strong police chaplaincy program in their community. 

2. Visit our Facebook page and website and gain real insight into the vital role of police chaplains.


Pull Quotes about the program from Chaplain David Dave Fair

“The Police Chaplain Project provides soulful insights into the two most powerful and permanent conditions of the law enforcement community – crisis & spiritual renewal.”

“Police chaplains are critical to spiritual survival of police officers and their families. The problem is there are not enough of them to go around. The Police Chaplain Project seeks to change all that by giving police chaplains a voice.”

“We believe that the wisdom a police chaplain accumulates over the course of their lifetime is meant to be shared.”

Facts about the Police Chaplain Project

The Police Chaplain Project is an educational program service of ChaplainUSA, a non-profit organization.

To date the Police Chaplain Project has interviewed over 100 police chaplains from across the country and has posted over 200 video segments drawn from the recorded content.

All content becomes a part of an online archive, which will continue to collect content from each new generation of police chaplains. The digital archive is on track to become one of the largest education crisis resources for law enforcement.


An Invitation to all police chaplains

The Police Chaplain Project continues to produce new interviews every year. Police chaplains from across the country travel to the project home-base in Austin, Texas to add their knowledge to the project. (Recording each chaplain’s testimony takes from 2-3 hours.)

Once collected, portions of the content are immediately shared through social media sites like Facebook. All content is eventually archived for future generations of chaplains and historians as a part of the Police Chaplain Archive, a permanent online repository.

If you are a police chaplain, we urge you to learn how you can add your experience and wisdom to the project.