Police Chaplain Coffee Shop

Coming to FACEBOOK Groups New Year's Day:

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Police Chaplain Coffee Shop on Facebook

Officially open for business New Years Eve, the Police Chaplain Coffee Shop will be a virtual gathering place where police chaplains can ask questions, share important (or amusing) information, and provide and receive advice on the challenges we face.

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We hope this community serves the same purpose as their local coffee shop. So comment as though you are among friends. (Humor is always welcome here.) 


This is a closed group with membership open to police chaplains professionals, both current or retired. All nationalities and beliefs are welcome here. 

A few guidelines for posting and commenting: 

You are encouraged to hash tag your posts with a big picture category to help with future searchability. This includes, but is not limited to #training #tech #memorial #volunteers #events 

Policy discussions are encouraged, but best to avoid political partisanship.

Please keep things confidential, but also keep in mind that this is the internet, so things you say in this group may eventually get out. 

If you plan to quote comments from this group (such as for a blog or article), even if you don't mention this group or specific individuals by name, check in and ask for permission.

Let's have a good sense of humor and be patient with one another, since we all make mistakes

If you have any questions or concerns, contact me.

Thank you for all you do to make life better for the law enforcement community. 

Chaplain David Fair