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A message from Chaplain Fair


Message from the President

Caught on tape, police chaplains praying with police officers!

Chaplain David Fair

Chaplain David Fair

Ok, so the kind of videos we create will probably never go viral, but for too long police chaplains have sat out social media. 

That is quickly changing, and the Police Chaplain Project is one of the reasons why.

Through the program, chaplains finally have a platform to step up and speak out about the issues confronting police officers.

With over 62 percent of American adults now accessing news through social media, it is essential to a engage citizens online and not allow false narratives to dominate the news. 

A chaplain’s oath of confidentially must not silence our voice on the public issues that confront our nation.

We are bringing together an extraordinary group of police chaplains, each of whom is on a mission to improve the lives of police officer and their families.

Take a moment to meet these dedicated individuals and support us in putting their wisdom to work for members of the law enforcement community.

Help us share the voices and values of America’s police chaplains in ways that were once unimaginable.

Chaplain David Fair

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