If you are a police chaplain, we urge you to be a part of the Police Chaplain Project.


Each year, the Police Chaplain Project interviews police chaplains from across the country.

  • For those who can travel to Austin, Texas, we conduct on on-camera interview.
  • For those who cannot, we record telephone interviews. 

The process generally take about 15 minutes.

Before the interview, you will be provided a one-page interview guide that includes five questions that help you reflect on the role of police chaplains and share your personal experiences.

Get the ball rolling by submitting the form below.

Police Chaplain Project Participation Form

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Share with us a little bit about where you have served as a police chaplain.
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Police Chaplain Project Past Participants

(partial list)

  • Chaplain David Fair, Ph.D.
  • Chaplain Ken Ashlock
  • Chaplain William Henry King III
  • Chaplain Tim Klerekoper
  • Chaplain Craig Hungler
  • Chaplain John Harth
  • Rabbi Cary Freidman
  • Chaplain Wesley McDuffie
  • Chaplain Jack Poe
  • Chaplain Terry Morgan
  • Chaplain Larry Todd
  • Chaplain Scott Johnson
  • Chaplain Steve Rekedal
  • Chaplain Jim McNabb
  • Dr. Henry McGowen
  • Officer Tracey Delgado
  • Chaplain Terry Morgan 


Program Guide

Police Chaplain Project is our ongoing initiative to collect audio-visual recordings of police chaplains, typically conducted in Austin, Texas. 

ChaplainUSA.org is the official website for the project and responsible for sharing featured portions of the content online and through social media sites. 

Police Chaplain Archive is the permanent repository for our video content, hosted in collaboration with Archive.org – the internet’s premiere historic archive.

Links to collections of our videos can be found below.  


YouTube Video

Archive Sample

FACEBOOK Video Gallery

Daily Motion (New)