Can chaplaincy survive Generation X

Q&A with President Dave Fair

Drawn from a recent talk-radio discussion with Chaplain David Fair program.

Talkshow Host: They are critical to the spiritual survival of police officers....but you have probably never heard of them. They are AMERICA’S police chaplains and our guest today is part of a nationwide effort to give these spiritual warriors a voice.

Welcome to the program Chaplain Dave Fair

So why do need police chaplains?

Having served as a police chaplains for many years, I have come to understand how essential these men and women are to the spiritual survival of the law enforcement community.

After every critical incident, every mass shooting, after a line of duty death, it is a police chaplain who step up and heal broken lives.

Why don’t we hear more often from police chaplains?

We traditionally we stay under the radar so to speak. A chaplain takes oath of confidentially. Trust is critical to what we do and always will be.

What social media has done has provided chaplains with a public platform to speak to a number of issues facing our first responders. On these issues we can and should speak out.

That’s where the Police Chaplain Project comes in. We’re that loud speaker we’ve been looking for. Think of the program as police chaplains, turned up all the way to eleven!

So how does the program get the word?

On social media there are three types of posts:

  • negative rants

  • fake news

  • and the good stuff that inspires people and gives them hope.

We stick with the good stuff.

We invite police chaplains come in, sit down, look directly into the video camera and share their story.

To date, the Police Chaplain Project has conducted more that 100 on-camera interviews.

And have created and shared over 200 video segments via social media which have attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers.

What is the main take away from all these interviews?

Two things.

First, the visitors to our Facebook page and website will gain real insight into the life of a police officer.

People simply do not fully understand what police officers go through. The profession takes a toll.

While line of duty deaths quite rightly get the most public attention, another cop killer is the accumulation of stress that builds up over an officer’s career.

Police chaplains offer officers spiritual support that literally saves thousands of lives every year.

Second, when folks talk about supporting our heroes in blue, what they are really talking about is a strong professional police chaplaincy program, supported and funded by each agency.

As of today, that is a far off dream. And the only way we get there is with the public speaking out, and demanding departments properly fund police chaplains.

Without public support, police chaplains are among the first to be cut or down-sized. Many cities just do without. This leaves a world of resolved hurt out there.

This must change.

The well-being of a police officer and their family is the shared responsibility of all our citizens. At the very least, citizens should support and fund a strong police chaplaincy program.

I encourage viewers to ask a simple question of their local officials: We do have a police chaplaincy program? If the answer is no, it might be time to turn up the heat.

The Police Chaplain Project provides the wisdom and wood to start that fire.


Support a police chaplaincy program in your community.

Seek out a police chaplain and thank them for their service.

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