We are building an archive of wisdom. 
The Police Chaplain Project digitally preserves the words and wisdom of America's police chaplains.

Featuring some of the most accomplished police chaplains of the past 50 years, this ever expanding video archive preserves ideas and knowledge that can lead to learning, action, and positive change. 

Our History
Established in 2008, by veteran police chaplain David Fair and media producer Phillip LeConte, the Police Chaplain Project has conducted over 100 interviews with police chaplains across the country. The project has been an opportunity for both Fair and LeConte to reveal an aspect of America rarely seen or heard.

“Police chaplains are essential to the spiritual survival of police officers and their families,” said co-founder Chaplain David Fair, ”yet few citizens are familiar with the vital role they play. The Police Chaplain Project is changing all that.”

Cofounder and videographer for the project, Phillip LeConte, hopes the content’s civility connects with viewers. “Chaplains invest language with a grace that is immediately distinguishable from most of what we hear through the media,” said LeConte. “It’s been my great honor to add their compelling voice to the national conversation and to our digital legacy.”

The Process

The Police Chaplain Project continues to produce new interviews every year. Police chaplains from across the country travel to the project home-base in Austin, Texas to add their knowledge to the project. (Recording each chaplain’s testimony takes from 2-3 hours.)

Once collected, portions of the content are immediately shared through social media sites like Facebook. 

All content is eventually archived for future generations of chaplains and historians as a part of the Police Chaplain Archive, a permanent online repository. 

Our Vision

  • The Police Chaplain Project will continue to evolve with technology – reaching ever-wider audiences, while staying true to the project’s original intent to deliver honest, dignified content.
  • We plan to add eight new chaplains each year, while we develop a protocol to permit chaplains working with videographers to submit content from around the globe.
  • Additionally we will continue to be a creative springboard for special educational projects based on the content collected. These projects, from e-books to seminars, showcase the educational potential of this content to improve the lives and well-being of police officers.