About the Project

My name is Phillip LeConte. For over a year, I had the privilege of collaborating with my good friend, Rabbi Cary Friedman on THE CREDO PROJECT, an educational initiative dedicated to helping law enforcement officers unlock the power of CREDO in daily life. 

To better understand the spirit of the project, it helps to know a little bit about Rabbi Friedman. In addition to being a scholar, an accomplished police chaplain and the author of five books, including Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement, Cary is also the go-to-guy for all-things Batman. A clip from "Legends of the Knight" will help explain.

We also were helped along the way by the police officers who shared their, sometimes offbeat, strategies for staying spiritually connected.

Their stories revealed the enduring influence of childhood heroes, from John Wayne (Ed Burris, Texas Dept. of Public Safety), Batman (Chief Eric Mendez, Austin ISD Police Dept.) and Steve McGarrett (Constable Adan Ballesteros). 

Thanks also to John Marx, Founder of The Law Enforcement Survival Institute and the Editor of CopsAlive.com for first covering The Credo Project. We liked what he had to say about the project so much, we added a bit of his text to this page.